Website Design Pricing

Choosing the right web design company to market your business can be a daunting and confusing process.  Prices range from overseas companies promising a website for $199.00 to slick sales teams trying to sell you $5,000.00 – $10,000.00 websites!   

A great lead-generating website does not have to come with budget-crushing costs.  My pricing is transparent, straightforward and affordable.   I avoid the BS sales strategies and spend my time instead partnering in my clients success.

* In order to improve SEO, it is common practice to create duplicate content pages targeting the individual towns that you work in, changing only the location and and related SEO content, hence the lower price.

Such a pricing structure allows you to have a professionally built website started with just about any budget. With a few minutes on the phone, we could lay out a site map so you can see exactly how this pricing would apply to your own business website.

What's included?

Your initial green industry website construction will include...

  • Website Build

    After laying out a site map together, showing all the pages that will be included in your site, construction begins.

  • Responsive Website Design

    Your website will perform flawlessly on all devices... desktop, tablet and phone!

  • Social Media

    Your site is linked to your choice of social media outlets.

  • Blog Page!

    Your site content will get off to the right start with three blog posts included.

  • SEO Based Design

    Website is search engine optimized so Google finds your site pages.

  • SSL Security

    SSL certification provides complete security with a cryptographic key to your business's website.

  • XML Sitemaps

    Sitemaps are generated and submitted to search engines, letting them know that your site is complete and ready to be crawled.

If you choose to have me handle the ongoing maintenance of your site, options include...

  • Fresh Blog Content

    Relevant blog posts and articles are added to both your blog and social media sites. Content can be added daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly.

  • Site Revisions

    Anytime you want to add or change images or text, I can make monthly adjustments. Minimum billing 15 minutes.

  • Website Hosting

    Top rated, ongoing website hosting provided.

  • Social Media

    Relevant blog entries are simultaneously posted to your business's social media sites.

  • Website Backups

    Your business website is fully backed up daily! If there is ever a problem, we can restore your site quickly! Rest assured!

  • WordPress Plugins

    Site plugins are scanned daily to insure your landscaper website has all the latest updates.

  • Performance Reports

    You will receive monthly reports that show exactly where you are ranking in search engines for each targeted keyword!

  • Google Analytics

    Google analytics is reviewed monthly for insight on ways to improve your site performance.

  • Ongoing SEO

    I apply the insights from Analytics and your rankings reports to fine tune your website SEO to keep your site out front.

Why Choose Me?

I am a small, sole proprietor, business, and I am the guy that does the actual work. If you decide to work with me, I am the person who answers your phone calls, fulfills your requests, answers your questions, and solves your problems. You won’t get lost in the shuffle of a large marketing firm that does not understand your business. 

I manage every step in the design, construction, and maintenance of your business’s online media. I know the web technologies needed to create attractive, visual, compelling, lead-generating contractor website design. My work will provide you a beautiful front end site, but more importantly, I know how to design efficient back-end coding that will get your business to the front of the line and keep it there.

I strive for long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. I work as a silent partner in your business’s success. I am part of your team. My priority is your success. As a result of my knowledge of small business startups, I can provide the construction websites that deliver the results you are looking for without you taking the time to provide guidance. I remove the hassle of marketing your business, allowing you to focus on what is happening in the field.

I have proven methods to provide exceptionally effective marketing at a price that any business owner will appreciate. My doing a great job at a great price translates to a huge return on your investment. The bottom line is profits, and I will boost your business’s profits!

Scott Austin & the bear cubs


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